Contemplation Space – Dutch Design Week


he first edition of Contemplation Spaces took place in the just recent opened Student Hotel in Eindhoven, during Dutch Design Week. Contemplation Spaces function as spots that allow you to disconnect yourself from your daily life and mind. Due to distinct and unique features of selected objects and installations, you consider yourself in a world of its own. This one of a kind atmosphere is enhanced by water-themed installations, the usage of a variety of tactile materials, and matching fragrances and audio to create the best experience possible. Contemplation Spaces is initiated by Justine Kontou. To execute this concept, she collaborated with architect Lex Hildenbrant, psychologist Florijn Vriend and a wide selection of twenty designers and artists. Research has been done on existing scientific studies that focus on the stress-reducing effects of art, light, and sounds. By doing so, the team created the epitome of a mind state-changing experience, all put together on just a couple of square meters. Due to the sequence of different spheres in these spaces, visitors will feel, hear, see and perceive new things on an ongoing matter to achieve new insights and impressions. To convert the exhibition’s elements into sound waves, we collaborated with musicology students from The University of Amsterdam, to explore the added value of sound for this concept.

Curator: Justine Kontou

Music Production: Sizzer Amsterdam in partnership with Sonos